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French Quarter Phantoms’ Fall Walking Tours

As thoughts of autumn leaves paint the imagination with hues of amber, gold, and fiery reds, it reminds us that fall is the perfect time to take a walking tour that introduces you to history, mysteries, and stories whispered on New Orleans’ winds. There’s something magical about exploring a city's past on foot, especially as the temperatures drop and the air gets crisper. Nowhere is this more true than in the heart of New Orleans, where French Quarter Phantoms is waiting to take you on an adventure through time and legend.

Why Take a Walking Tour in the Fall?

Walking tours in the fall provide a unique experience that is quite unlike any other season. The temperature is more bearable, making long strolls enjoyable. Every step through a graveyard is complemented by the rustle of changing nature, and there's the approaching feeling of Halloween in the air. Moreover, the dimming light of autumn adds an extra layer of atmosphere, especially when diving deep into tales of ghosts, voodoo, vampires, and the intriguing history of New Orleans.

French Quarter Phantoms: A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

If you're in search of an unparalleled walking tour experience, French Quarter Phantoms has carved out a reputation for excellence, thrilling locals and tourists alike. Here's a peek into some of our signature tours:

Saints and Sinners Walking Tour

Dive into the heart of New Orleans' most scandalous tales with this tour. From tales of politicians to pirates, madams to mischief makers, you’ll journey through the tumultuous history that has shaped the city. It’s a delightful blend of truth, legend, and debauchery that shouldn't be missed.

French Quarter/Voodoo Walking Tour

New Orleans is often synonymous with voodoo, a spiritual practice deeply ingrained in its culture. This tour takes you through the iconic French Quarter while shedding light on the rich history and misconceptions surrounding voodoo. Learn about famous practitioners, rituals, and how this ancient religion has been intertwined with the city's history.

Vampires and Ghostly Walking Tour

As twilight descends and shadows stretch long, prepare yourself for tales of the supernatural. From chilling accounts of real-life vampires to spirits that refuse to rest, this walking tour will make you see the French Quarter in a whole new, eerily enchanting light.

Your Autumn Adventure Awaits

The autumn breeze, stories from yesteryears, and the allure of mysteries untold…there’s no better time than fall to take a walking tour. While there are many tales left to be told, there’s one thing we can assert: a walking tour with French Quarter Phantoms will be an experience to remember.

Ready to take your next haunted walking tour during the fall? Dive into the spookiest parts of New Orleans with the experienced fall-walking tour guides at French Quarter Phantoms. Our master storytellers and local historians are eager to share the city's secrets, one step at a time!

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