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Top 5 Things to Do in New Orleans During Mardi Gras

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When you think about Mardi Gras, your mind may instantly gravitate towards vibrant parades, extravagant costumes, and rhythmic music bouncing off the historic streets of New Orleans. However, the Big Easy offers much more than just that during this joyous celebration. Explore some of the most compelling things to do in New Orleans during Mardi Gras which allow you to truly soak up the city's rich history and culture; we promise you'll be itching to pack your bags and head to this incredible city to experience things firsthand!

1) Experience the Parades

First and foremost, no Mardi Gras experience is complete without witnessing the grandeur of New Orleans' parades. Each neighborhood, or "krewe," has its own parade featuring unique themes, costumes, and throws. The most popular parades include EndymionBacchusZulu, and Rex, each offering an unforgettable spectacle of lights, color, and creativity.

2) Discover the City’s Music Scene

New Orleans is renowned worldwide for its music scene, and during Mardi Gras, it is at its peak. Be it jazz, blues, or zydeco, there’s music in every corner of the city. Visit the Frenchmen Street, where the music spills out from every doorway, or the historic Preservation Hall, where you can hear some of the best jazz in town.

3) Relish the Local Cuisine

Trying the local cuisine is a must during Mardi Gras. From the classic gumbo and jambalaya to the sweet beignets and King Cake, there's a delightful array of Creole and Cajun flavors waiting to be savored.

4) Take a Stroll around the French Quarter

The French Quarter is the heart of New Orleans and a place where the Mardi Gras spirit truly comes alive. It's not only about the party, but the French Quarter also offers a glimpse into the city's historic past. With its Romance colonial architecture, vibrant marketplaces, and lively street performers, this district is a feast for the senses.

5) Embark on a Walking Tour

While the days leading to Mardi Gras are full of excitement, a walking tour during this time can offer an unparalleled perspective of New Orleans. Walking tours allow you to explore the city's historical sites, learn about its unique culture, and discover hidden gems that you might miss in the hustle and bustle of the festival. It's an excellent opportunity to connect with the city's history, folklore, and the vibrant neighborhoods that give New Orleans its distinctive charm.

For instance, taking a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 allows you to learn about the city's unique burial customs and famous residents, while a stroll down Royal Street introduces you to the history of the city's oldest neighborhood.

The List of Things to Do During Mardi Gras Season Doesn’t End Here

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an event like no other. Beyond the parades and parties, there's a city rich in history, culture, and mystery, waiting to be explored. From indulging in local cuisine to listening to soulful music, the list of things to do is endless.

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