"It was amazing and very informative!"

Jeremiah our guide took us on a ghost and vampire tour through the French Quarter last night!!! It was amazing and very informative! His knowledge of each site was incredible and he answered any and all questions he made the stops very gripping with this story telling! The highlight was the LaLaurie mansion the most haunted place in New Orleans and former home of Nicolas Cage! After the tour Jeremiah chatted with me and my wife and told us more and showed us the filming location of American Horror Story "Coven" which was next door to the LaLaurie mansion!!! We highly recommend this experience!!!!”

-Shannon E., posted on Yelp

"Great Start the Trip"

My partner and I went on the French Quarter ghost and vampire tour on our fight night in New Orleans. Despite being pretty tired after a long series of flights from the West Coast, our tour guide Justin kept our attention with a combination of ghost stories mixed with the history of the local area. Overall a great start to the trip and an amusing telling of the history of the French Quarter. Would recommend.”

-Robert Bennett, posted on Facebook

"DO IT! "

This was a “day of booking” for a party of 7. Our guide was Justin, he kept our little dysfunctional cluster hooked to all his stories…plus he had a great quirky sense of humor. If you’re on the fence about committing, DO IT! We did the vampire and ?? combo tour. NONE of us took pics because we were so engaged.”

-Frances López, posted on Facebook

"The tour itself was a 10/10"

We did a family tour of the vampires and ghost tour. Adela was a very good tour guide. The tour itself was a 10/10. Highly recommend!

-David Bustamante, posted on Facebook

"Will definitely book with this group again next time we visit!"

“Had a blast on our Vampires and Ghost tour with Lenny! He is an amazing story teller and was super thoughtful in consideration to folks who had young kids on the tour. I have been on 2 tours with another company before, and I got more accurate history detail on this tour in addition to stories I had not heard before! Will definitely book with this group again next time we visit!”

-Julie Dingess, posted on Facebook

"Great Job!"

Our 3 young adult grandchildren liked the tour guide's knowledge of the area & felt the guide did a great job sharing their knowledge.”

-Linda_D, posted on Expedia

"I Would Highly Recommend"

“Our guide Lenard was very knowledgeable and fun, I would highly recommend. Be happy to attend other events.”

-tanya_u, posted on Expedia

"I Was Spooked!"

We took this tour our first night in New Orleans, because I read great reviews on Yelp. I'm so glad I did, because Luke our tour guide did a great job! The tour starts out at Voodoo Lounge, hits up the LaLaurie Mansion, Andrew Jackson Hotel, Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, the apartment where the "vampire" Brothers resided before draining 20 victims of blood, and St Mary's where vampires are stowed away for safe keeping.

I was spooked!

- Katie B from Houston TX

"Definitely a can't miss!"

The ghost tour was really interesting and just the right level of creepy, and though I didn't see any ghosts, I did feel adequately spooked…The tours ran high to history, and this company seems to place a very high value on research, preferring to tell true stories and let the history do the talking rather than resorting to weird costumes or made up, overly sensational stories…For those of us who prefer a true story to cheap jump-scares, this tour cannot be beat. I really cannot say enough good things. The price is right, the tours are interesting, and the guides (at least ours) really seem to care about their patrons. Definitely a can't-miss!!”

- twotoedsloth Silver Spring, Maryland

"We had an AMAZING time!"

We were recently in the french quarter for 4 days, while there we had an amazing time. French Quarter Phantoms tour was one of fav of the trip.

Our 8pm tour of the city and the tour guide were absolutely great. was witty, informative, and very entertaining the places she took us and the scenery she captured of the past events was great, i could picture in my mind how it could have been, very great experience and would recommend anyone going on a trip there for the 1st time or even multiple times and have never taken it, should its totally worth it.

- Wally B.

"Can't wait to get home and tell all our friends..."

We just wanted to thank you for the great time we had on your ghost tour last night, it was the highlight of our trip. We couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. Mark was knowledgeable and entertaining and made us want to learn more about the haunted history in the Crescent City. We're so thankful we were lucky enough to have him as our tour guide.

Thanks for a great time. Can't wait to get home and tell all of our friends about this wonderful tour!

- Elaine O. Saint Louis, MO

"Charm, professionalism, knowledge, and FUN!"

Concierges’ Choice - I feel I can really rely on this company to provide our guests with charm, professionalism , knowledge & FUN! I highly recommend their tours.

- Russell Murphy, Head Concierge, The Royal Sonesta Hotel

"Luke is Great!"

If you are lucky enough to get madman luke... Then you are in for a treat. Luke is funny, an avid historian, a LOCAL, and a self-admitted skeptic. He will knock your (proverbial) socks off with his eerie gift for story-telling. He will convince you that your 8pm french quarter ghost tour was time well spent. Skip the dressed up fools. Luke is the real deal.

- Keri K.

"Enjoyed it so much we booked another tour!"

Our guide, Thomas Webb, was very friendly, knowledgeable and funny! We enjoyed an excellent walk through the French Quarter and learned lots of great info! We enjoyed our tour so much that we booked a tour to go see the cemetery, something we hadn't planned on doing but we had such a good time we decided to go for it! And you can't beat the price! Best in the city!

- Mama Reynolds, Columbus, Ohio

"The guides have done their research"

I’m kind of a nerd, and I like my stories with some historical backing–the guides here have done their research and know what they’re talking about. They are less likely to dress like Dracula or fake an accent, but you might catch one of them in combat boots or a corset. Mostly, though, you can rely on French Quarter Phantoms to offer solid history and folklore, with just the right amount of dramatic presentation and humor.

- GoNOLA.com

"Worth the trip to New Orleans by itself!"

Speaking of ghosts, you can’t say you visited New Orleans without taking a ghost walk or finding yourself in the middle of a cemetery. Obviously, the tour companies offering such excursions are numerous. I chose to tour with the French Quarter Phantoms, and I was NOT disappointed.

French Quarter Phantoms Tour is excellent! This tour will twist and turn through the narrow streets of the French Quarter, while an expert story teller will seriously scare you to death. And these are not “made up” stories. This tour company checks their facts.You will be utterly fascinated with these tales of history, architecture, piracy, scandal, slavery, murder, and anything in between. What can be better than hearing these stories, than hearing them in the places where they actually happened? This tour is worth the trip to New Orleans by itself!

- Southern Weddings Magazine

"They were both fantastic!"

I took two tours with French Quarter Phantoms while staying in New Orleans, and they were both fantastic! I went on the ghost tour with Hope as my guide. She was full of interesting stories and she performed them all in such an engaging fashion that the tour arched dramatically like a play would. It was excellent.

- Gretchen P. Manhattan, NY

"In depth to both past and present"

Couldn't have got bored for a minute. (Emily) really has an art for retelling tales - and with funny personal insights and quips too. I was a little skeptical at first as it was so long, but I just wanted her to keep going after it ended. Very interesting and not your average cheap thrill ghost tour. In depth to both past and present.

- Jessep666 South London

"It was fantastic!"

It was fantastic!!! Great tour, a lot of history in New Orleans, recommended for anyone who has some free time, or likes ghost stories. Emily was our storyteller, and she did a wonderful performance, full of energy and full of knowledge. She was very outgoing and helpful after the tour, when we had questions!!!

- RawRSauce New Orleans, LA

"I recommend this entertaining tour"

I have been on many ghost tours all over the world and this was the sixth walking tour of the Quarter I've done in the past decade; I am a big fan of ghost folklore, so I'm am by nature hyper-critical of "ghost" tours. This company did a great job. The little pub we met at was fun and comfortable and looked to be a locals joint. No one was shoving a menu with $14 specialty drinks in my face (which is a plus). The guide, while being witty and spinning a decent yarn, was also affable…The stories were "hauntings" and "terrifying historical occurrences,” whit Vampire folklore as well. The price is right on. I would recommend anyone to take this entertaining tour.

- WhiteTrashPeg Wenova, IL

"Hope and Trevor are amazing!"

We went to New Orleans for spring break and happened to hear about the french quarter phantoms tour. We were lucky to get Hope as our tour guide. She was polite, funny, and you could really tell that she loved her job and loved history. We had such a blast that we decided to go on the ghost tour later that night. We had Trevor as our tour guide for that. He made a creepy subject hilarious at times, and we learned a lot about New Orleans. I would highly recommend these tours to anyone wanting to have a fun time learning history.

- Rachel M., Emporia, Kansas

"Informative and fun"

It is without costumes and other gimmicks, but the stories are enough to make you look twice at what you swore was just a change in the lighting. You learn a rich history that normally gets bypassed without realizing you are learning. It is perfect for older children, given they are alright with campfire-like ghost stories. Will totally recommend to my friends, and can't wait to go again!

- S. Warren, Pearl, MS

"Highlight of our New Orleans trip!"

Your tour was the highlight of our New Orleans trip! Thank you, and we’ll be back!

- Jacqueline King, Albany, New York

"We had a blast!"

“We had a blast on the French Quarter History/Voodoo Tour with Lee, our tour guide! Lots of information and he was hilarious!”

-Jennifer W., posted on Yelp

"Get to know the French Quarter much more intimately"

What a great place to explore so much of one part of New Orleans. I booked three tours with French Quarter Phantoms: Tremé Tour with Adelia, Ghosts and Vampires with Andrea, and the French Quarter & Voodoo History with Lee. All three guides were ultra friendly, very knowledgeable, and really fun and engaging throughout the tour. Each of these tours is well crafted and very easy to do walking-wise, for those wondering. Even in 40-ish degree weather (and rain) I managed to go through 2 out of 3 of these tours, so it's definitely doable. These tours are really fun, fact filled, and an excellent way to get to know the French Quarter much more intimately so I recommend starting your NOLA trip with these tours. They're so good you can definitely do more than one in a day. I did the Tremé and Ghosts & Vampire tours in the same day. All in all, very worthwhile!

-Dania A., posted on Yelp

"Robert was a TERRIFIC tour guide"

Saints & Sinners was a wonderful and informative day tour!! We didn't walk much, just from one end of the French quarter to the other and Robert was a TERRIFIC tour guide. Hot tip- grab a water!!! Robert told us to bring water and I wish I had listened. that Louisiana sun is no joke. I highly recommend & can't wait to impress my friends with all my new knowledge of NOLA.”

-Caroline L., posted on Yelp

"Mike was a funny and very knowledgeable tour guide"

??I had a great Saints and Sinners tour with Mike. He was a funny and very knowledgeable tour guide. He even included a bathroom break at a bar with clean bathrooms and good drinks. If you like history and funny stories this is the tour for you. Wear comfortable shoes because the streets and sidewalks are uneven and there is a lot of construction.”

-Mitul M, posted on Yelp

"Saints and Sinners Tour was SO much fun"

The Saints and Sinners Tour was SO much fun. Highly recommend, specifically with Mike as tour guide. He was a lot of fun and clearly enjoys discussing this particular subject matter. Most interesting tour we took in New Orleans.”

-Renee Bacskocky, posted on Facebook

"Best tour and guide in the French Quarter "

The best tour and the best guide in the French Quarter – what more could you ask for? Sandy didn't tiptoe around the dirt! Interesting, Funny and Daring! We loved every minute of this tour.

- Beth Brownwell, New Orleans local for 23 years

"Highlight of our New Orleans trip!"

Your tour was the highlight of our New Orleans trip! Thank you, and we’ll be back!

- Jacqueline King, Albany, New York

"Charm, professionalism , knowledge & FUN! "

Concierges’ Choice

I feel I can really rely on this company to provide our guests with charm, professionalism , knowledge & FUN! I highly recommend their tours.
- Russell Murphy, Head Concierge, The Royal Sonesta Hotel

"I loved this tour!"

Robert was our tour guide, & he did an excellent job of giving us the history of New Orleans, especially of the brothels & bars. We had about a 2 hour walking tour that included a couple of breaks, and got such interesting info about the people & places here. This is my 3rd or 4th visit here, but 1st time on a tour. I definitely recommend it & will try the Cemetery Tour next visit.

- chj54 from California on TripAdvisor

"A must see to understand the significant history of New Orleans"

“This tour is a must see to understand the significant history of New Orleans. As fairly frequent visitors to the city, this tour gave us a deeper understanding of the back story of Armstrong Park and the social and political forces that have impacted the neighborhood and the city. The walk through the park and neighborhood was well planned and our guide, Erin, a native and long-time NOLA resident, was extremely well prepared through her research, educational background, and her life experience. Erin was very attentive to her group's questions and needs, positioned herself and the group well at each stop, and spoke clearly and distinctly so that every word was heard and every question was addressed, all while keeping everyone's comfort and safety in mind. Erin further enriched the experience with photos, audio recordings, and links to additional information for those who wish to get deeper into the topics presented. We would highly recommend this tour and this guide. Because of this excellent experience, we signed on for the Garden District walking tour with Erin the next day, which was equally well done.”

-Mark B, posted on Tripadviser

"Treme Tour: it was excellent!"

We went on a Treme Tour guided by Phil and it was excellent! Learned so much about the rich history of the Treme. Phil is engaging, entertaining and respectful of the cultures he teaches about, all around a great experience! 100% recommend!”

-Jane Rubunya, posted on Facebook

"Very informative and moving tour"

My two friends and I signed up for the Treme walking tour with tour guide Erin, and we really enjoyed it and learned a lot of history. Erin's knowledge (& ability to remember all that information) was very impressive! The hurricanes were tasty, too! It was a hot day that turned stormy as we got near the Tomb of the Unknown Slave. Our guide directed us to stand under a house's awning to try to stay dry while she continued talking. Fortunately, I'd packed some rain ponchos, but the other people in our tour group didn't and got wet as we moved on. It would've been wonderful if the tour guide had been given rain ponchos to distribute in case of rain. This was a very informative and moving tour. I recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Treme and NOLA in general.”

-Alex H, posted on Tripadviser

"Great history of Tremé and more"

Who knew ! This was a great tour ! Not only learn about the Tremé neighborhood, but also the history of New Orleans, of Jazz, the birth of Rock N Roll, and the Civil Rights movement. For anyone interested in history, and any of these topics, this is a must take tour. Our tour guide Robin is not only a native of NOLA, but also the Tremé neighborhood. She was an excellent guide - funny, insightful, and educational. Highly recommend.

- Alan H - Texas

"Private Tour of Treme"

Our guide was tremendous. Smart, well-informed, funny, moved at a great pace and was happy to answer all of our questions (which were many!) I was hesitant to use French Quarter Phantoms as I would never do a tour based on ghosts, phantoms or vampires. I assumed that French Quarter Phantoms was a hokey, tourist-oriented company. But they offered a Treme tour so I called and spoke to them and became convinced that they offered a very high quality tour. Which they did.
I highly recommend touring with this company. The tour covered the birth of jazz and rock and roll, the history of Storyville (that was once located in the Treme district), the placage system, differences in the slave system in New Orleans from the rest of the US, urban renewal and it's effects on Treme and many other topics. This was a highly informative tour by someone who was entertaining but very grounded in historical knowledge. The two hour private tour cost for our party of 4 was $150 (plus tip) and was absolutely worth it.

"First Rate Tour with Sam"

I did the Tremé walking tour 2 days ago. There were about 10 people in our group, and Sam was our tour guide, The tour was truly one of the highlights of my trip to NOLA. Sam is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Tremé neighborhood. He is very articulate and educated on the issues that face residents of the area, both presently and historically. He didn't shy away from speaking frankly about NOLA's history of slavery, but he always found a way to balance the negative facts with some positivity. If you want to learn some fascinating historical facts, and challenge any preconceived ideas you may have about NOLA's African American community, I highly, highly recommend this tour.

- Andy S - Toronto, Canada

"Great tour!"

Our tour guide was Justin. He was amazingly knowledgeable about so much of Tremé's history. Our tour took about 2 hours in which we learned about New Orleans Jazz, Tremé's history through current and touched on some knowledge about the city of New Orleans. All in all it was an amazing experience that I definitely recommend. We took the tour at 10am on Saturday and it was top notch!

- Liana - Glendale Arizona

"Historic walking tour Tremé "

Excellent guide, Nola, from the company French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours took us round the Tremé area in New Orleans and told us about the history of the town, music history, colonial history, slave history, and the disaster Katrina. The walk took about two hours and worth every penny:)

- AnJorg - Sweden

"Historic Tremé neighborhood"

Tour Tremé is offered by French Quarter Phantoms Tours at the Voodoo Lounge on Rampart Street. It is a must for history buffs. Our tour guide "Miss Blaise" was a very knowledgeable and articulate young lady. The two-hour walking tour offers a perspective on new Orleans history that most visitors never imagined. I recommend asking for Blaise if you book the tour. Sunday morning at 10:00 AM tour is a good time as there are fewer individuals on the tour.

- Dennis - Tavares, Florida

"Treme Tour was AMAZiNG"

My husband took this Treme Walking Tour with (French Quarter Phantoms Tours - Rampart Street) whilst we were in New O as he had loved watching Treme the TV Series so he really wanted to see the area and he was really impressed. Justin was his tour guide and his knowledge of the whole area was second to none. He took the early morning 10am tour so the heat wasn’t too harsh to start off with. Justin gave so much information about the Jazz in New Orleans and other places not to miss whilst we were visiting this great city. He would have no hesitation in recommending them.

"Really learned a lot! "

Monday morning 2/14 we took the Garden District tour with Jeremiah. We had a great time admiring all of the architecture and really learned a lot! Our guide was so friendly and pretty funny too.”

-Alicia V., posted on Yelp

"Lee was fabulous"

Our tour guide Lee was fabulous. He was informative, personable, and amusing. We also really appreciated his efforts to keep us in the shade. It's so much easier to focus when you're comfortable. His particular area of expertise is architecture but we learned much more about the Garden District and New Orleans.”

-Gloria G., posted on Yelp

"A BIG thanks to Lee for making our Garden District tour a great one!"

Took a tour with Lee of the Garden District on our last day in NOLA. Couldn't be more happy my family and I added this to our itinerary! He was beyond great knew SO much about the mansions even broke down the building materials used in building the famous and posh Commanders Palace. A BIG thanks to Lee for making our Garden District tour a great one!

-Mayra M., posted on Yelp

"Ducky brought a ton of life and laughter to the tour"

“I love this tour company. My wife and I enjoy taking tours in the cities we travel to and French Quarter Phantoms gives one of the best experiences anywhere. We did the ghosts and vampire tour on our first visit to town and the Garden District tour on our second visit. Lee was our tour guide for the ghosts and vampires and he was outstanding. Such a great story teller. Brought a ton of life and laughter to the tour. Ducky was our guide on the Garden District tour and, lucky for us, Lee joined him too as he was training to be a guide for this tour as well. Ducky, from what I remember, was a local and brought a really cool perspective to the tour while being keep the whole light and fun. Would recommend a tour with either of those two.”

-James S., posted on Yelp

"Garden District Tour with someone who loves their job..refreshing"

If you want to do a tour of the Garden District, use this company. If you can, ask for Sam. "Sam"is da Man!!! He was very informative, enthusiastic and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge. Worth the money for the experience and knowledge.

"Mansions and cemeteries......Garden District"

Dartanya was our guide for a very complete tour of the Garden District and Lafayette #1 cemetery. Meeting place for the tour was a Starbucks! Perfect for a good cup of coffee and a breakfast treat before our 2 hour tour. Dartanya was very spirited in her story telling making the tour very entertaining as well as informative.

"This tour is excellent"

We took this tour with our son and daughter-in-law. Dardy (Darty? sp.) was our guide. It was such a fun tour and she was terrific. I was very surprised to find out she hadn't been doing the tours that long and wasn't even from the area because her knowledge and her insights led me to believe she was a native! Very informative and fun.

You can wander Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery on your own but you'll miss so much of the history and local stories. Don't shortchange yourself; this tour is excellent. We all enjoyed it. We actually forwarded the link to people we knew going to New Orleans the week before us and they took the tour too. They also enjoyed it as much as we did.

French Quarter Phantoms offers other tours too but don't miss this one. Cemeteries in New Orleans are fascinating and the Garden District is a beautiful change from the French Quarter.

"Great Garden District Tour!"

I went on a fabulous Garden District Tour with Ducky as the tour guide. Ducky was fabulous. He was extremely knowledgeable and was so patient answering questions. He was funny and genuine which was awesome. I learned a lot on the tour and am excited to go on the music tour with this company tomorrow. Ducky was a phenomenal tour guide. The tour itself was great. It was great seeing the architecture of the many mansions in the district. The homes were gorgeous! The tour of Lafayette cemetery was informative and very interesting. I'm really glad I went with this company!

"You will not be disappointed!"

We had an excellent tour of the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery with our tour guide, Aubrey! Aubrey was a great tour guide and did a fantastic job providing historical and architectural information about the homes and the city in general. Having been a tour guide for over a decade myself, I know a great tour guide when I see one; I wish we would have had the opportunity to take her other tours!

I would highly recommend booking this tour. I read through countless reviews of different tour companies before booking this tour with French Quarter Phantoms and am so pleased that we chose this tour. You will not be disappointed!

"A Fun Dose of History"

Our family really enjoyed this tour! We had a great time learning more about the architecture and history of the Garden District and the Cemetery. Our guide was laid-back but knowledgeable, with lots of interesting stories to tell about the things we were seeing. I highly recommend this tour company!

"First trip to New Orleans Made Memorable"

The group met at the Starbucks on Magazine Street and our guide and aspiring actress Aubrey primed us about the history of the area as we made our way to the Garden District. Aubrey impressed myself and my family with her knowledge and her repartee which she imparted to us in a free flowing manner making her presentation sounding fresh and spontaneous and not in anyway rehearsed. After a short break at a local cafe we then made our way to Lafayette Cemetery #1 and the entertaining and historical information kept on coming. Her energy level remained as high at the end as it did in the beginning.

"Sam is the Best!"

We did two incredible tours with this group and Sam was our tour guide for both. He raised the bar so high that no other tour guide on our trip could compare. From the music tour to the Garden District & Lafayette Cemetery tour his knowledge was incredible. He told the Truth! Sam was funny, witty, and smart and held the attention of everyone on our tour each time. Sam also was willing to give directions and insight into the city with hot spots and highlights of places to go from local cuisine to local sights. I am so glad we had Sam on our adventure and anyone who has him as there guide is lucky!

"Tour guides were great!"

Just wanted to send a Thank You to everyone at French Quarter Phantoms and Flanagan's for the great Birthday Party. You made Kevin's 40th really special! The food was great, the tour guides were great and the "Kevin Doll" blew him away! You Guys Rock.

- Renee U.

"Wonderful from beginning to end!"

I recently went on a private tour with "French Quarter Phantoms" .

I procrastinated on booking this tour because I've been on different tours in the city (before I moved to New Orleans) and they were pretty average. My boyfriend and I had been talking about playing tourists in our own city one day and taking a ghost tour. I thought setting up a private tour with just the two of us and a guide, would be a super gift for my paranormal obsessed bf's birthday.

Every single representative of this company that I dealt with was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!

My boyfriend and I had a fabulous tour with Trevor, who went above and beyond our expectations and shared his deep knowledge of the city with us. A couple days later and we're still talking about what a great time we had. We are planning to do more tours through this company and hopefully with Trevor - when our family and friends come to visit.

Thank you "French Quarter Phantoms" for exceptional customer service and a killer time!

- Amber, New Orleans

"We loved our tours today"

We loved our French Quarter Ghost tour and our Treme' Tours today! The kids were definitely tired from all the walking, but it was great for them and they were telling all of the other teachers about how much they enjoyed themselves when we returned to school. Thank you to you and the guides! We would love to do this again next year!

- Madeline Brown, Lusher High School

"The students LOVED their tour!"

I just wanted to write and let you know how much our students and staff loved their tour. We brought a group of 110 on a custom tour with French Quarter Phantoms. We were a group of Human Geography and American History high school students and teachers. The tour consisted of a little of New Orleans History, Culture, religious history, and a few of the stories of Haunted residences. The students were assigned to write an essay about what they learned on your tour, these were the best essays they wrote the entire year! We were all really impressed with the amount of information and the great job your guides did with keeping the students and teachers entertained and engaged. Thank you so much! We will see you again next year.

- K. Gonzales, San Amant High School.

"Charm, professionalism , knowledge & FUN! "

Concierges’ Choice

I feel I can really rely on this company to provide our guests with charm, professionalism, knowledge & FUN! I highly recommend their tours.

- Russell Murphy, Head Concierge, The Royal Sonesta Hotel

"Highlight of our New Orleans trip!"

Your tour was the highlight of our New Orleans trip! Thank you, and we’ll be back!

- Jacqueline King, Albany, New York

"Music of New Orleans - Great Tour with Stella!"

I did this walking tour in Treme, with Stella playing music, showing us key sites and describing the history of music (not just Jazz) in New Orleans. She argues, and quite successfully, that New Orleans is the birthplace of American music. It turned out we were staying a block away from where the first rock and roll album was made.

I did this walking tour with my 77 year old mother and my 18 year old niece, who were both fascinated. My mother came home determined to download a lot more music, saying afterwards that she's now committed to learning more about what Stella described. My niece posted on Instagram to her friends, and I've attached a screen shot of the post, as a photo, for those with teens.

It is an interesting overview, told by a great storyteller who is also a musician committed to the restoration of Nola post Katrina, which appeals to all ages.

"Must Experience - "Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn!""

Very well run tour company. We signed up for the "Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn!" tour, which consisted of a two our walk near and around the New Orleans Jazz Park, listening to recorded music (while we walked) and informative lecture and stories by a FANTASTIC tour guide.

The walk was two hours long, but it didn't seem it and we were sad when it ended as we were having such a good time. As with all tours, the route and basic content are only 30% of the success or failure, the tour guide is 70% of the experience.

Our guide "Ducky (aka: Aaron)" was fantastic. Knowledgeable, funny, excited about giving the tour. I think he has as much fun as the tour participants.

Definitely a must take tour to learn about the history of Jazz and music in New Orleans, after all that's what made the city!

"The whole family had a great time"

Ducky gave us a very interesting tour of the Treme neighborhood and the music of New Orleans. Our music-loving children enjoyed this and the whole family had a great time on this tour.

"A wonderful way to get to know the city"

I took both the FQ Phantom Music Tour and the St Louis Cemetery Tours. Justin, the tour guide for the Music Tour, traced the evolution of music in New Orleans from ragtime and jazz in Storyville all the way to the latest hip hop sounds being played in the bars on Royal Street. He played samples of the music styles with a speaker that he carried with him so we heard the music as we saw the relevant landmark, which was very effective. Steven, the Cemetery Tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the St Louis Cemetery and related historical facts, as well as bits of delicious local color. These tours are a wonderful way to get to know the city.

"This tour is worth more than you will pay for it"

We did the music tour this afternoon with this walking tour group. Justin, our tour guide, told us this is a fairly new tour for this company. Justin did an amazing job of, not just giving us information, but educating us on the history of the development of not just New Orleans music, but many styles of music ranging from African folk drum music to rock and roll. To hear the stories from history as told by Justin it makes us even more determined to see the world through color blind eyes. This tour is worth more than you will pay for it.