Taking a Trip to New Orleans? Here's What to Pack

A trip to New Orleans

Heading to New Orleans? Be sure to pack some comfortable shoes! New Orleans is the type of city that's best seen from sidewalk level. The historical districts with notable architecture and the city's own fantastic vibe, make it a place where you want to immerse yourself in the action. There's a lot to see and do, and you'll want to maximize your time so you can fit it all in!

Come Prepared and Comfortable

The summers in New Orleans can get hot and humid, and there can be some rainy days during other parts of the year. If you are visiting when it's not the height of summer be sure to pack some layers. You may need a sweater or a thin jacket during the cooler mornings. Also, pack a sun hat to help keep you protected from the strong sun. Walking shoes are definitely essential!

New Orleans is a pretty casual and laid back type of town, but there are a number of restaurants and nightlife venues where you'll want to show off that special outfit! Most importantly, pack the clothes that make you feel comfortable because the Big Easy is the type of place where you'll feel right at home!

If you want to see the best and most interesting parts of the Big Easy up close and personal, be sure to schedule a guided walking tour with French Quarter Phantoms. We offer a great variety of tours, from walks through the beautiful Garden District to tours of some of the historical cemeteries that are a truly unique part of the city. We also have tours for music lovers and ghost chasers. Our team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides will make sure that your experience is one to remember!