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This City was made into a French Catholic colonial military port in 1718, and was built on three major tenets. Jesus, Booze, and Booty. The whole of New Orleans was an insane (and ultimately successful) attempt by a bunch of landed gentry on the other side of the world to put a choke hold on the Mississippi River and stick it to the other europeans that were also trying to get control of it, all the while drunk as hell, gambilng and diddling each other in every which way—those aristocrats went at it with a wild abandon and could make a working girl blush. This city created the West's first personal millionaire, caused the first land prospecting bubble in western history to expand and then pop, and ultimately became one of the world's largest deep-water port cities for a large chunk of the 19th century. New Orleans earned the name "The Devil's Empire" about two years after it was founded, in large part because of the amount of bars and brothels that popped up just around the ring of church and military buildings that constituted the center of the early city.Saints or sinners? Trick question, the answer is yes. If someone tells you they're a saint, check their closet, you're bound to find something surprising.

Intro from Dylan, Master Storyteller


Content not appropriate for children.

Previously offered only as a Private tour option. Because so many of you ask - We are now offering the Saints and Sinners tour EVERYDAY at 1:30 pm!Tour participants (21 and older) are treated to Buy One Get One Free Hurricane Drinks in a Free Souvenir Cup! You are welcome to bring your adult beverage along on tour!

New Orleans seeps into your bloodstream and compels even the sweetest from small-town America to do obscene things. This is the real New Orleans which does not fit neatly into the category of "American" city. It is a black water port, Caribbean and lawless; settled by thieves, prostitutes, and the other criminally disposed. New Orleans is also Catholic and pious with Roman altars trimmed in gold. It is equally black magic, Voodoo, and the steady throb of African drums. New Orleans is sex and confession. It is sin and forgiveness. This is the place where God and the Devil shook hands so the party could go on. New Orleans is a city for the sinner and the saint. This is a tour that takes you through the sweat-soaked madness of our best and worst. Get lost with us in this strange city and explore its dark past because this is NOT your grandmother's tour.


This, my friend, is the real New Orleans!

New Orleans is a gumbo of religions and cultures: a city like no other. Join us and satisfy your curiosity! Thrill at tales of the adventures of the faithful and the fallen alike—that made New Orleans forever unique.

From the beginning, our faith has ruled this great city. For some, it has created rumors of conspiracy, witchcraft, and vampires. For others, it inspired greatness. Lives have been lost and battlegrounds are drawn, but New Orleans’ eclectic belief systems have created a sense of acceptance found nowhere else! We welcome your curiosity and questions. Join us for the most unique and interesting walking tour in New Orleans!



Adult participants aged 21 years and older will have the chance to purchase one Hurricane drink and receive another one for free, served in a complimentary souvenir cup, prior to the tour

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  WHEN:   Everyday at 1:30 pm

  LENGTH:   1 hour 45 minutes

  1 mile


ADULTS ONLY: 17 years and older only

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My partner and I went on the French Quarter ghost and vampire tour on our fight night in New Orleans. Despite being pretty tired after a long series of flights from the West Coast, our tour guide Justin kept our attention with a combination of ghost stories mixed with the history of the local area. Overall a great start to the trip and an amusing telling of the history of the French Quarter. Would recommend.”
- Robert Bennett, posted on Facebook


If you are lucky enough to get madman luke... Then you are in for a treat. Luke is funny, an avid historian, a LOCAL, and a self-admitted skeptic. He will knock your (proverbial) socks off with his eerie gift for story-telling. He will convince you that your 8pm french quarter ghost tour was time well spent. Skip the dressed up fools. Luke is the real deal.
- Keri K.


Robert was our tour guide, & he did an excellent job of giving us the history of New Orleans, especially of the brothels & bars. We had about a 2 hour walking tour that included a couple of breaks, and got such interesting info about the people & places here. This is my 3rd or 4th visit here, but 1st time on a tour. I definitely recommend it & will try the Cemetery Tour next visit.
- chj54 from California on TripAdvisor

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Fun French Quarter Walking tours led by Master Storytellers. Choose from our Ghost & Vampire walking tour, Garden District walking tour, Tour Treme' or Saints and Sinners: a Dirty little French Quarter History tour. Who knew history could be so much fun?

All tours are about one hour forty-five minutes, walking distance is just under one mile. Bring your camera (and your friends), wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared to have fun!

Established in 2006. Locally owned and operated. We love entertaining you and it shows. Join us for the best walking tours New Orleans has to offer. Book online for $22 per person and you receive a discount of $3 per ticket! (Regularly $25 per person).