Saints and Sinners

"I've gone from Saint to whore and back to Saint again, all in one lifetime." Ingrid Bergman

New Orleans is a hot, humid and sometimes unforgiving place where in the dead of summer the air takes on the quality of a crawfish boil. It is a long, drawn out fever that seeps into the bloodstream and compels even the sweetest from small town America to do obscene things. This is the real New Orleans which does not fit neatly into the category of "American" city. It is a black water port, Caribbean and lawless; settled by thieves, prostitutes, and the other criminally disposed. It is also Catholic and pious with Roman altars trimmed in gold. It is equally black magic, Voodoo, and the steady throb of African drums. New Orleans is sex and confession. It is sin and forgiveness. This is the place where God and the Devil shook hands so the party could go on. New Orleans is a city for the sinner and the saint. This is a tour that takes you through the sweat soaked madness of our best and worst. Get lost with us in this strange city and explore its dark past because this is NOT your grandmother's tour.

This, my friend, is the real New Orleans!

New Orleans is a gumbo of religions and cultures: a city like no other. Join us and satisfy your curiosity! Thrill at tales of the adventures of the faithful and the fallen alike—that made New Orleans forever unique.

This tour is for Adults 17 years and older please. Content not appropriate for children.

Saints and SinnersFrom the beginning our faith has ruled this great city. For some, it has created rumors of conspiracy, witchcraft and vampires. For others, it inspired greatness. Lives have been lost and battlegrounds drawn, but New Orleans’ eclectic belief systems have created a sense of acceptance found nowhere else! Did you know that our famous Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau, was also a devout Catholic? Surprises abound on this inspiring journey! We welcome your curiosity and questions. Join us for the most unique and interesting walking tour in New Orleans!

Internet Special - Only $16.00!

Internet Special - Only $16.00! - Saints and Sinners

Without a doubt, the BEST French Quarter History Tour!

When: 1:00 pm Daily, Reservations are Required
Tour Length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Walking Distance: Under One mile

  • Adults 17 years and older only please
  • Awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence
  • Awarded the People Love Us on YELP Badge
  • We accomodate smaller groups
  • Licensed Master Story Tellers
  • Voodoo, Catholicism, Thieves, Prostitutes, Our dirty not so little secrets!
Saints and Sinners

Walking Tour Distance:
One mile

Map / Directions

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Tours begin from The Voodoo Lounge, 718 N Rampart Street. - On the corner of Orleans Street and N. Rampart Street in the French Quarter.

Tour begins at 1:oo pm Daily !

Previously offered only as a Private tour option. Because so many of you ask - We are now offering the Saints and Sinners tour at 1pm Daily . Don't miss this one!

Saints and Sinners Testimonials

“The best tour and the best guide in the French Quarter – what more could you ask for? Sandy didn't tiptoe around the dirt! Interesting, Funny and Daring! We loved every minute of this tour.”
~Beth Brownwell, New Orleans local for 23 years

“Your tour was the highlight of our New Orleans trip! Thank you, and we’ll be back!”
~Jacqueline King, Albany, New York
Concierges’ Choice
“I feel I can really rely on this company to provide our guests with charm, professionalism , knowledge & FUN! I highly recommend their tours.”
~Russell Murphy, Head Concierge, The Royal Sonesta Hotel

Robert was our tour guide, & he did an excellent job of giving us the history of New Orleans, especially of the brothels & bars. We had about a 2 hour walking tour that included a couple of breaks, and got such interesting info about the people & places here. This is my 3rd or 4th visit here, but 1st time on a tour. I definitely recommend it & will try the Cemetery Tour next visit.- chj54 from California on TripAdvisor