French Quarter Phantoms

Fun for all ages!

If you are visiting New Orleans with your family, and are looking for things to do that all ages will love, we have the answer. A walking tour with French Quarter Phantoms is sure to delight everyone from young to old. We have tours that focus on gardens, music, and of course, phantoms.

There's No Age Limit on Fun!

We can also provide custom, private tours that are tailor-made to suit your group's interests. There's no age limit on fun when it comes to French Quarter Phantoms walking tours. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides take a lot of pride in showing visitors the most interesting nooks and crannies in the Quarter.

True crime tours are rising in popularity, and for good reason! This private tour provides a fascinating insight into the underbelly of the Crescent City. This is another great tour for parents looking to spend some time with their teenage children while learning more about this exciting part of New Orleans' history.

Take a look through our tours, and you will see that they are a great option for groups with members spanning a wide age range. We can even create the perfect custom tour that provides a little special something for everyone! We are proud to offer one of the best outing options here in NOLA, especially because our tours allow the entire family to enjoy a wonderful experience while building the memories that last a lifetime.

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