French Quarter Walking Tour

French Quarter Walking Tour - True Crime Tour

True Crime Tour - New Orleans

In his song, Basin Street Blues, Louis Armstrong called New Orleans a "Land of Dreams", yet violent, terrifying crimes have been as common here as brass bands, parades and Southern charm. Crime - scene tape and forensic teams intertwine with the glitter of Mardi Gras and the decadence of the French Quarter. Join us for a walking tour recounting some of New Orleans most infamous True Crimes, from the distant past to the present day!

True Crime Tour

Cold-hearted slayings by assassins, murderous crimes of passion and betrayal, a The Axeman serial killer, never apprehended: all play a role in New Orleans’ rich history. We will explore the dark underbelly of the city in a tour that is by turns unsettling, thrilling, and, often, disturbingly amusing! Hear the colorful characters of the French Quarter come to life once more through the stories of their most infamous exploits and best-kept secrets! This exciting French Quarter walking tour is a your only opportunity to hear New Orleans crime history from the locals!

Internet Special - Only $16.00!

Internet Special - Only $16.00! - True Crime Tour(Regular $20.00)

True Crime Tour Details

True Crime Tour Details - True Crime Tour

When: 4:00 PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday only
Tour Length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Where: Tours begin at The Voodoo Lounge (718 N Rampart St)
Walking Distance: One mile
- Awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence
- We accomodate smaller groups
- Licensed Master Story Tellers
- Disturbing, Chill-Up-Your-Spine FUN!

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True Crime Tour
Walking Tour Distance:
One mile

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