Private Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn!

Walk with us or Dance if you are so inclined!

Music of New Orleans tours

Everything from Armstrong to Zydeco! Come listen and walk (or maybe dance if you are so inclined) your way through one of the oldest and most musical neighborhoods of New Orleans. Learn why they say, “All Music (at least American Music) is born in New Orleans!

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Undisputedly the birthplace of Jazz, and willing to argue with Memphis till we're blue in the face over who is the birthplace of Rock and Roll, New Orleans is most certainly one of the great musical gems of the world. As you walk from location to location LISTEN as your tour guide plays you some of the best and most historically important music of our great city. Once you get to a location LEARN about what you just heard as your tour guide places it and its performers into the greater musical and historical context of both our fair city and the United States as a whole.

The Musical Legends of New Orleans

Music legends tour in New Orleans

Learn about the great musical legends of New Orleans then and now: from Jelly Roll Morton, to Mahalia Jackson, to Fats Domino, to Trombone Shorty, and the Marsalis family. Gain a greater understanding of the different musical genres that make this city and nation great: from the music of slavery, to traditional jazz, to the industrial rock of the 1990’s!

If that isn’t enough enjoy your walk through one of, if not the oldest, African American neighborhoods in the United States - the Treme, made famous after Katrina by the television series of the same name. You will learn some of the history of this incredible neighborhood and the role it has played in New Orleans for almost 300 years. As one of the most beautiful, historic, and important neighborhoods in the history of the United States, Treme is the birthplace of many famous musicians and a great center of culture and life in our city, so this is almost like getting two tours in one!

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Tour Testimonials

"Music of New Orleans - Great Tour with Stella!"

I did this walking tour in Treme, with Stella playing music, showing us key sites and describing the history of music (not just Jazz) in New Orleans. She argues, and quite successfully, that New Orleans is the birthplace of American music. It turned out we were staying a block away from where the first rock and roll album was made.

I did this walking tour with my 77 year old mother and my 18 year old niece, who were both fascinated. My mother came home determined to download a lot more music, saying afterwards that she's now committed to learning more about what Stella described. My niece posted on Instagram to her friends, and I've attached a screen shot of the post, as a photo, for those with teens.

It is an interesting overview, told by a great storyteller who is also a musician committed to the restoration of Nola post Katrina, which appeals to all ages.

"Must Experience - "Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn!""

Very well run tour company. We signed up for the "Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn!" tour, which consisted of a two our walk near and around the New Orleans Jazz Park, listening to recorded music (while we walked) and informative lecture and stories by a FANTASTIC tour guide.

The walk was two hours long, but it didn't seem it and we were sad when it ended as we were having such a good time. As with all tours, the route and basic content are only 30% of the success or failure, the tour guide is 70% of the experience.

Our guide "Ducky (aka: Aaron)" was fantastic. Knowledgeable, funny, excited about giving the tour. I think he has as much fun as the tour participants.

Definitely a must take tour to learn about the history of Jazz and music in New Orleans, after all that's what made the city!

"The whole family had a great time"

Ducky gave us a very interesting tour of the Treme neighborhood and the music of New Orleans. Our music-loving children enjoyed this and the whole family had a great time on this tour.

"A wonderful way to get to know the city"

I took both the FQ Phantom Music Tour and the St Louis Cemetery Tours. Justin, the tour guide for the Music Tour, traced the evolution of music in New Orleans from ragtime and jazz in Storyville all the way to the latest hip hop sounds being played in the bars on Royal Street. He played samples of the music styles with a speaker that he carried with him so we heard the music as we saw the relevant landmark, which was very effective. Steven, the Cemetery Tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the St Louis Cemetery and related historical facts, as well as bits of delicious local color. These tours are a wonderful way to get to know the city.

"This tour is worth more than you will pay for it"

We did the music tour this afternoon with this walking tour group. Justin, our tour guide, told us this is a fairly new tour for this company. Justin did an amazing job of, not just giving us information, but educating us on the history of the development of not just New Orleans music, but many styles of music ranging from African folk drum music to rock and roll. To hear the stories from history as told by Justin it makes us even more determined to see the world through color blind eyes. This tour is worth more than you will pay for it.