Why Haunted Tours Make a Great Holiday Gift

Why Haunted Tours Make a Great Holiday Gift - Why Haunted Tours Make a Great Holiday Gift

More and more people are beginning to value experiences over material possessions. With gift cards becoming more popular than actual gifts, it can be hard to select a unique present that will be appreciated by the recipient. Don't worry, French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours has the perfect gift for all of your friends and family, no matter their age!

Spend a day together outdoors
Getting outside, especially in New Orleans, is the perfect way to get some fresh air while enjoying quality family time. New Orleans is the type of city that's best observed at street level, and with a walking tour, you can get an up-close and personal view of the most interesting sites. Who needs another tchotchke that will collect dust when you can give a truly unique experience?

A fun way to learn!
Experienced and knowledgeable guides add another dimension to your tour, relaying important and interesting facts and anecdotes along the way. The Big Easy is rich in history, with much of it as unique as the city itself. From cemetery tours to learning about historical saints and sinners, to music, jazz, and garden district tours, there is so much to learn about in New Orleans.

Memories that will last a lifetime
Getting outside and experiencing the many interesting areas of New Orleans along with their historical significance is a perfect way to build memories that will last a lifetime. A walking tour can be the central focus of a day's outing, and the starting or ending point to a day spent enjoying the many areas and neighborhoods that make this city so special.

French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours also offers private and custom tours that can be hand-crafted to meet your group's interests. Take a look at our selection of walking tours to find the perfect gift, French Quarter Phantoms has something for everyone!

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