New Orleans... more than just Mardi Gras!

Things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its huge Mardi Gras celebrations, which draw in thousands of people every spring. However, NOLA is so much more than just Mardi Gras - there are incredible attractions to enjoy throughout the entire year. Here are just a few of the many reasons to enjoy New Orleans all year round.

French Quarter
The French Quarter and Bourbon Street specifically is the center of nightlife and tourism in New Orleans. And although this area really comes alive on Mardi Gras, it's always incredibly lively. This area is home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and jazz clubs in the entire city, and it has a unique European-inspired charm that's difficult to find anywhere else in the United States.

Delicious food
Cajun food is very unique, and New Orleans is one of the best places to eat it. It has a heavy focus on seafood, and since New Orleans is right on the water, you can always count on a fresh catch. Cajun food also contains unique spices to give it a kick. There are so many incredible restaurants located throughout New Orleans, and you shouldn't be afraid to head off the beaten path. Local favorites are often the most authentic. Be sure to finish off with some beignets, which are a classic New Orleans dessert. Cafe du Monde is known for them, but you can find this treat throughout the city.

Beautiful architecture
New Orleans is a stunning city with beautiful architecture and parks. Take a stroll through the Garden District to see the city's most beautiful homes, and be sure to head over to the nearby Audubon Zoo and Park while you're there. The city's cemeteries are also some of the most interesting in the world, with stunning tombs and a rich history that's worth exploring.

With so much to do, New Orleans is worth visiting any time of the year. New Orleans also has something for everyone - you can live it up in the French Quarter or have a more relaxed trip in one of the residential neighborhoods. Visiting after Mardi Gras is over also makes it easy to avoid the crowds.