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What is the Faubourg Treme?

If you are a music lover and are planning a visit to historic New Orleans, a tour of the historic Faubourg Treme district cannot be missed! While a stroll through the district will help you to understand its understated charm a bit more, a guided walking tour is really the best way to learn more about this historical area. Guided walking tours are available Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings and last about two hours. More people are familiar with this part of town because of the popular HBO show Treme, but in many ways, it does still remain a hidden gem.

Originally the main neighborhood of freed black citizens, it remains a popular area of town for Creole and African American residents. There is a strong brass band culture that continues to honor the history of this music style that is unique to New Orleans while still maintaining a vibrant part of today's music scene. This area used to be referred to as "the back of town" as it is located away from the River while also adjacent to the French Quarter. This joyful area of town continues to attract a lot of talented musicians and craftspeople. If you are interested in learning more about the culture that African Americans have contributed to the United States, a visit to Treme is a necessity.

Walking tours originate and end at the Voodoo Lounge so you will be able to enjoy an authentic Hurricane before or after your tour. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk about a mile total. Our guides are incredibly knowledgeable about the Faubourg Treme and enjoy sharing their joy for this dynamic and vibrant neighborhood with our New Orleans visitors. And like we said, if you are a music fan, a visit to the Treme should be at the top of your list.