French Quarter Phantoms

We are Resilient

We are Resilient

From hurricanes to national pandemics, the people of New Orleans will always find a way to pull themselves over any mountain. Just like the people of New Orleans, French Quarter Phantoms will always bounce back after a disaster. Since the start of COVID-19, French Quarter Phantoms have been practicing social distancing by remaining closed. It has been devastating for our workers and those who enjoy our tours to remain closed during this challenging time, and we are biting at the bit to get back to teaching and entertaining our guests.

The national pandemic has caused hardships for many businesses and families. The COVID-19 virus has been something the city of New Orleans has never encountered and caused many to lose their jobs and way of living. While we have been closed for months, French Quarter Phantoms will rise again, and we are prepared to safely entertain those who need a break from the day-to-day struggles.

Being shut down for such a long period is an economic disaster for many, but New Orleans knows a thing or two about struggles, and everyone is prepared to help each other out. Supporting local and small businesses in just a detrimental time is vital to helping us get back on our feet.

Now that the city is slowly starting to come alive, don't miss scheduling a guided tour with French Quarter Phantoms.

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