French Quarter Phantoms

What's the Difference?

Tchoupitoulas Street-- Do you know how to say it?

No visit to New Orleans is complete without walking through Tchoupitoulas Street. But the first question to ask is, how do you say it?
To pronounce Tchoupitoulas, we can break it down as CHOP-ah-too-lus. However, to make things easier, we can just say "chop it to us." Now...what makes this street so special?

To begin with, Tchoupitoulas Street is an integral part of the history of New Orleans. The street got its name from a now-extinct Native American tribe côte des Chapitoulas meaning those who live by the river. As a matter of fact, Tchoupitoulas Street is the through street closest to the Mississippi River. It starts at the upriver side of Canal Street and ends at East Road at Audubon Park after going through the New Orleans Central Business District and uptown.

In the past, the street was famous as a shipping and commercial center for goods going up and down the Mississippi. But since the decline of its importance as a river transportation hub, Tchoupitoulas Street was developed for residential and commercial uses.

What can you expect to see on Tchoupitoulas Street?
For one, there are tons of restaurants on the street catering to both visitors and locals. Because of the variety available, there is something that suits everyone, no matter if you're looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a quick bite. Renown restaurant establishments such as Emeril's and Mother's can be found nearby.

Located in the French Quarter and cutting across the central business district, you're bound to find an abundance of accommodations ranging from budget to high-end hotels, like the Ambassador, located on the street. However, be sure to book your accommodations early to get the location you want during the busy tourist season.

In addition, various stores and nightclubs, including Hansen's Sno-Blitz are located on the street, so there is no shortage of entertainment options.

Our walking tour will take you through the street so you can enjoy the sites and sounds, and experience a little bit of history that is so integral to New Orleans and the French Quarter. You will be able to see up, close and personal, the establishments, restaurant options, and entertainment venues that you can enjoy while visiting the city of New Orleans.

So don't miss out on this hard to pronounce street on your next visit. See you soon on Tchoupitoulas Street.