French Quarter Phantoms

Support Small Business

Support Small Business

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Shop Small and Local
You know how much the team here at French Quarter Phantoms loves New Orleans! We also love our community and want it to stay safe during this period of time. We want you to come through this time of struggle and make a date to come join us on a tour starting June 6th. In the meantime, let's all stay home and stay safe.

Continue to Shop Local
While some stores are beginning to reopen, many of us are still doing the bulk of our shopping online. It's now easier than ever to support the amazing small businesses here in New Orleans or in your neck of the woods. Small businesses are facing a tough challenge, one that we know we'll all get through, and it's up to us to help.

Restaurants across New Orleans are reopening with indoor and outdoor seating available, while others remain open for takeout. If you're feeling hungry and you're not feeling like cooking, whether you want to get out of the house or stay in, give your favorite local restaurant some love.

Do what you can to help support these shops and restaurants, as small businesses are truly the heart of their communities! Wherever you are, now is a great time to show your community your support. In doing so, you will help ensure that we still have a vibrant and dynamic community to enjoy after this pandemic is behind us.

French Quarter Phantoms loves New Orleans, and we know that you do too! Let's all spread that love to as many small businesses, restaurants, and shops as we can. Remember, we're all in this together!