New Orleans City Park is Almost Two Times Larger than New York's Central Park

City Park New Orleans

A guided walking tour in New Orleans is a great option for those who want to learn cool and creepy things in a personal and intimate way. With a new friend that can’t wait to show you what you have been missing, you are sure to cover a lot of ground in a short period.

Inside the New Orleans City Park
New Orleans City Park is one of the largest outdoor attractions and the 20th most visited Public Park in the country. With picturesque moss canopies and iconic oak trees, this park attracts millions of visitors from across the world. Visitors flock the park to enjoy various activities, museums, and beautiful trails and scenery.

Explore New Orleans City Park on foot
One of the best ways to explore New Orleans City Park is on foot. Several walking paths within the park itself offer a complete picture of the park’s origin, design, attractions, and cultural influences. Some of the coolest things to see and do while taking a walking tour in New Orleans' City Park include smelling the flowers, celebrating your childhood at Storyland, having a picnic at City Park's highest point and finding inner peace on Goldfish Island.

There's a special place for everyone inside the park. It serves many different constituencies including botanists, music lovers, bikers, athletes, nature lovers, golfers, folks who like to fish, and walkers.

The size of New Orleans City Park compared to Central Park in New York
New Orleans City Park comprises a total of 1,300 acres, which is approximately 5.3 square kilometers. Many people often think that Central Park in New York is one of the biggest urban public parks in the United States, but this is not the case. The park is not even ranked among the top 20 biggest parks. New York's Central Park is approximately 840 acres, which is almost two times smaller compared to the New Orleans City Park.