Must-see New Orleans cemeteries

Cemeteries New Orleans

New Orleans is home to some of the world's most beautiful cemeteries, and they should be on the top of your list while visiting the Big Easy. In fact, there are so many cemeteries that it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best to tour. Here are the top cemeteries to visit in New Orleans:

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
This stunning cemetery is one of the most famous in New Orleans. It houses notable NOLA historical figures like Marie Laveau and was founded in 1789. You do have to be part of a tour group to visit the cemetery because access is restricted.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1
This is another iconic cemetery in New Orleans located in the shady and beautiful Garden District. This cemetery has been very well preserved and is very safe to enjoy on your own. The beautiful architecture has been featured in many movies and books.

Metairie Cemetery
If you are intrigued by unique tombs and architecture, this is a cemetery worth visiting. Many of the graves here are topped with pyramids, statues, and other unique features. This cemetery is also very large, so there's plenty to explore.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 3
This is another large and accessible cemetery in New Orleans. It's home to very elaborate and detailed tombs that will fascinate art, architecture, and history lovers.

St. Roch Cemetery
St. Roch is an up and coming area in New Orleans that has been the focus of recent revitalization efforts. When visiting, be sure to check out the chapel, where residents have left offerings to St. Roch for over 100 years. This is a great peek inside the quirky yet macabre culture of New Orleans.

Of the many cemeteries in New Orleans, these are the ones that are most noteworthy for their history and architecture. Be sure to add them to your travel itinerary when visiting this beautiful city.