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The Gruesome Story of the Mad Butcher in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for many things, including its iconic ghost stories. Very few stories are, however, as gruesome as the story of the “mad butcher” involving a young German couple that lived in the area back in the 18th century.

The story goes that the couple by the name Mr. and Mrs. Hans Muller started a sausage factory in New Orleans from humble beginnings and after several years of toil and sacrifice, they became very successful. They were well-respected in their community and seemed very happy in their marriage.

However, behind closed doors, their marriage wasn’t as rosy as it appeared in public. It’s said that Mr. Muller lost interest in his wife and started an affair with a young mistress, who he fell in love with after some time.

Mr. Hans Muller knew he would not have peace so long as his wife was alive and plotted to kill her so he could enjoy all the wealth with his mistress. One evening, he attacked her and strangled her before throwing her remains into the sausage grinder. However, it did not take long before customers and neighbors started to inquire about the whereabouts of his wife.

A few days passed before Muller came face to face with his wife’s ghost. He ran away on that day but later confessed to the police about the gruesome murder that he'd committed. At this point, Muller had already become insane and was haunted by his dead wife every night when he went to sleep.

He was later taken to a solitary confinement due to his state. Nevertheless, it did not take long before he committed suicide and died. Legend has it that the building that housed the sausage factory continues to be haunted by Mrs. Muller's ghost today, even though it has new occupants.