French Quarter Phantoms

Hauntings of the Former O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub

O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub started out as a saloon around 1818 before it was purchased by Danny O'Flaherty sometime in the early 1900s. By that time the townhouse was well-known for its three ghosts who continue to be seen today!

In fact, when the building underwent a recent renovation, workers refused to go onto the third floor. The reason was because of the Voodoo Circle. A Voodoo Circle is a round hole that is placed in the floorboards, this one is about six feet in diameter, and offers a safe place to sleep free from harassment by the ghosts and spirits.

The workers that would brave the third floor removed the artifact and brought it to us. The Circle is now on display in our tour room to give you an up close and personal look at this unique piece of ghost story lore. It isn't surprising that someone installed a Voodoo Circle at 510-514 Toulouse Street because it is thought to have at least three active ghosts.

The ghosts and spirits of New Orleans are waiting for you to discover their stories. Join one of our spine-tingling walking tours and find out more about this fascinating part of the city's history. The history of the ghosts at O'Flannery's include a man and his wife and his beloved mistress who fell to her death from the second-floor balcony. (Of course, the fact that her lover strangled her didn't help either.) He hanged himself shortly after he realized what he had done, and his wife died shortly after this brutal day. All three are said to still haunt the townhouse, and they aren't always the most pleasant of spirits!

New Orleans is a great destination for anyone who is intrigued by the mystical and supernatural or is fascinated by ghosts, and vampires, and voodoo. There is also amazing food and sublime architecture to experience during your visit to this one a kind city. Be sure to come early for your amazing guided walking tour to check out this incredible artifact from one of the Big Easy's most interesting pubs.