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Garden District Gems: Celebrity Homes

Garden District Gems: Celebrity Homes

The architecture of the homes in New Orleans' Garden District is breathtaking in its own right, with styles ranging from Gothic and Italianate to Greek Revival. The mature trees and well-manicured lawns and gardens add to the gorgeous experience of walking through the Garden District. If you're an architecture buff, you won't be disappointed!

In addition to the stunning homes and gardens, there's the added thrill of checking out some truly fantastic celebrity homes! Sadly, Brad and Angelina haven't been seen too often following the announcement of their divorce. While you probably won't have a Brangelina sighting, don't worry, they aren't the only celebs that have a place in the Big Easy.

On Coliseum Street, you'll find Sandra Bullock's amazing mansion. It looks like something from a fairy tale, and the double lot creates a lovely setting for this stately home. Miss Congeniality sure knows how to live the good life! Anyone interested in architecture will appreciate the gables and expansive front porch of this beautiful home. The tranquility of the area is likely an important feature of the neighborhood that attracted Ms. Bullock.

For all the football fans touring the Garden District, a walk past the Manning House is highly recommended. Located on First Street, this home is graceful and imposing. The wrought iron gates don't help to make it appear any more welcoming! While you might not catch a glimpse of Eli or Peyton, their parents do make this their full-time residence.

Take a stroll through the wonderful Garden District of New Orleans and revel in the Southern charm that this part of the city has in abundance. In addition to Sandra Bullock and the Mannings, there are a few more surprises up our sleeve for participants in the Garden Home walking tour!