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Don't Breathe IN When You Bite a Beignet!

A walking tour of New Orleans will whet your appetite for some good, energizing food. Whether you're going off on a ghost tour or checking out a second-line parade, a beignet gives you that burst of energy that will help keep you going. That is, if you know how to eat one properly. And the very first rule is do not inhale as you take a bite!

The Pile of Powdered Sugar
Beignets are pillows of fried dough similar to doughnuts, only shaped like a four-sided diamond. They are also covered with a mound of powdered sugar, which makes eating them tricky. It's common for people to take a bit of breath in as they lift some food to their mouths, but do not do this with a beignet -- you'll end up with finely powdered sugar flying into your lungs, making you cough and blow more of the sugar onto the table.

Instead, get a hot beignet -- don't eat these things cold -- because the sugar will hold onto the surface of the beignet and will melt more quickly as you eat. Next, carefully lift the beignet to your mouth but do not breathe! If you have to take a breath first, put the beignet down.

Take a small bite and set the rest of the beignet back on your plate so that you don't drop sugar into your lap. You have successfully bitten into a beignet.

Cafe au lait on the Side
Do not forget your coffee! A coffee-chicory blend, usually served cafe au lait style, is the traditional drink. It will help sweep bits of sugar down as well, preparing you for your next bite.

The Place to be for a Beignet
In New Orleans, Cafe du Monde is the classic beignet establishment. You can find beignets at other locations, but Cafe du Monde is always a winner.

When you've finished your bliss-inducing beignet, consider another tour with French Quarter Phantoms. From gardens and music to spirits and true crime, New Orleans is filled with history -- and a walking tour is the best way to experience it all!