Anne Rice and Her New Orleans Vampires

Anne Rice New Orleans

Novelist Anne Rice is probably best known for her 1980s novel, Interview with a Vampire. This tale of the Vampire Lestat became such a pop culture phenomenon, fans would camp outside her home for days on end. She has since moved out to California, but the enthusiasm for vampires that she created continues today. It is even rumored that she has purchased a plot at St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 in which to spend eternity. Although she no longer lives in the city, her impact is still felt.

The two blocks between 700-900 on Royal Street played heavily in the film adaptation of Interview, and popular commercial locales that are featured in the film include Court of Two Sisters (613 Royal St.), Café du Monde (800 Decatur St.), and Galatoire’s located at 209 Bourbon Street.

Anne Rice was a longtime resident of the Garden District, and any tour of the area should include a stop by her former home on Front Street. While in New Orleans, Rice owned several different properties included her home mentioned above. Her family also bought and restored St. Elizabeth's Home which had been an orphanage and girls' school. Currently, this exquisite property is being converted into luxury condos.

There are many ways to see the side of New Orleans that Anne Rice's vampires inhabited. A walking tour of the Garden District is the perfect way to see enjoy this enchanting part of the city while also soaking up some vampire lore! Born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien, Rice was named after her father Howard, and took the last name of her husband when she married and had long used the first name of Anne. She also has two pen names, Anne Rampling, and A. N. Roquelaure.

The diehard Rice fans in your group will want to check out Garden District Book Shop, 2727 Prytania Street where they often have a couple of autographed copies of her books on hand. Come and explore the city that launched such a large part of pop culture and is reflected in today's many examples of vampire movies, television shows, and books.