Get to know me and check out my available videos below!

Get to know me and check out my available videos below! - Robert

Robert E ( for Excelsior!)

I came to New Orleans in 1993 for a two-month working vacation and I'm still here. Other people come here and have a Lost Weekend, I've had a couple of Lost Decades.

Favorite Tour To Give:
Cemetery tours are always my first love.

Favorite all-around spot in New Orleans and why:
The Latter House ( Garden District branch of the New Orleans Public Library). Great old old house and great collection.

Funniest/Spookiest/Weirdest thing to happen on a tour:
My Frau Blucher moment while telling the story of Delphine LaLaurie. I was just starting the tale when a buggy driver drove buy with an apparently brand new mule. When I said "Delphine LaLaurie", their mule reared up on its hind legs in terror (I didn't know mules could do that!) and sent me running for fear of being stomped flat.

Favorite NOLA Fun Fact:
The center of NOLA is further below sea level today than when the French began building the city in 1718.

My OTHER Favorite Cemetery

What does this cemetery tour guide do when he isn’t taking folks out to St Louis #1? Spends his time visiting other cemeteries of course!

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