Get to know me and check out my available videos below!

Get to know me and check out my available videos below! - Malika

I’ve lived all over the nation, and even in Kenya for a year as a child. I became obsessed with New Orleans in 2011 and was finally able to make it my home in 2016. There aren’t enough boxes to check on questionnaires about identity to paint an accurate picture of my ethnic makeup, and I’m a tarot-reading, burlesque dancing, storytelling, guitar-strumming singer-songwriter National Slam Poet visual artist.

Favorite tour(s) to give and why:
Music and Treme because they cover the history of people of color in New Orleans, and that can be surprisingly hard to find.

Favorite all-around spot in New Orleans and why:
Congo Square on Sunday’s at 4p, because the drum circle is usually in full swing by then. Dancing where my ancestors danced 301 years ago is an ineffable experience.

Funniest/Spookiest/Weirdest thing to happen on a tour:
A mule-driver yelled at my group that he was, “normal till I messed with him!” (I’d never spoken to this man in my life, but my tour group seemed impressed with my “powers”.)

Favorite NOLA fun fact:
Algiers, on the Westbank, it is the birthplace of Hoodoo!

Tignon to Triumph!

The history behind those beautiful head wraps we see in New Orleans fashion.

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De Cards Neva Lie!

Some background on tarot reading with a demonstration.

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Who do Hoodoo?

Maybe YOU do! A little on the origins of hoodoo and Southern folk magic.

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