Get to know me and check out my available videos below!

Get to know me and check out my available videos below! - Angela

Angela Jo

I've been a performer my entire life from family shows to theater to film. The weekend I moves to New Orleans I went on a St Louis Cemetery #1 tour and it sparked my interest in learning history like nothing ever did before. Becoming a tour guide just made sense, combining my love of entertaining and my love of New Orleans.

Favorite Tour:
I love all the tours we give, but my absolute favorite is the Saints and Sinners. I feel people who walk away from this tour have a great understanding of the city as a whole. It's the tour I feel I get to celebrate the entire history and culture that makes New Orleans so incredibly unique.

Favorite Place:
Bar Redux in the Bywater. New Orleans is known for its music but there is a thriving art scene here including comedy, burlesque, theater, poetry, and countless visual arts. Bar Redux celebrates all of New Orleans performers and artists.

During the bar break on one of my Ghost and Vampire tours, a woman had her purse tugged on 3 times by something. There was nothing or no one around her. It was only after the break I told the story of the hauntings of Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. It was the after I finished the story she told me what happened in the bar. She was skeptical at the beginning of the tour.

Fav New Orleans Fun Fact:
The Civil Rights movement and peaceful protesting were born here in New Orleans in the early 1800s.

The Rise of the Italian-American Mafia

When you think of the mafia and its origins in the United States you probably think New York and Chicago but the real Italian-American Mafia began here in New Orleans and did not start the way one might imagine.

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Lore, Legend, and Modern Medicine

New Orleans isn't just partying and parades. The Big Easy a deeply religious and spiritual city and some of these practices are started to be backed by modern science

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The Rooster will Caw

This is a fun, ongoing story about love and betrayal during the time of Jazz Fest and social distancing.
There's a game in their games and these chicks are playing for keeps.

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