Paranormal Tour Inside St Vincent's Infant Asylum

Paranormal Tour Inside St Vincent's Infant Asylum - St Vincent's Asylum

St Vincent's Infant Asylum (orphanage) was built in 1861 with the aid of Federal Troops occupying the City. With the Civil War and Yellow Fever epidemic running rampant across the United States, especially in New Orleans, the death toll steadily climbed and more and more children were left behind as orphans and many succumbed to the illness themselves.
Join Paranormal Investigators in this unique opportunity to go hands on with EMF meters, Rem Pods and other equipment to see if you can make contact with the children.

St Vincent's Asylum

Staff and former guests report seeing ghostly children playing in the rooms and common areas as well as hearing their eerie laughter throughout the hallways. The apparition of a Nun ascending the front stairway has also been reported. What will your experience bring?

St Vincent's Asylum

This property is scheduled for a full renovation in mid 2018 - this is a limited opportunity to enjoy St Vincent's as she stands in her original state.
The home features stunning architecture. Many photos of the St Vincent's children line the walls. In addition, on top of the carriage house is a bell tower with a unique sculpture hanging from it, Designed by sculptor Thomas Randolph Morrison, it is called “New Orleans Gargoyle” and consists of a demonic- looking creature holding a severed head. There are numerous bronze sculptures throughout the house that are also the work of Morrison.
This is a Don't Miss Experience!!

  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended
  • Length of tour 2 hours
  • Due to the nature of this tour and the safety of all guests, we reserve the right to refuse service to guests who are intoxicated or show signs of intoxication. If, as a result, your tour is canceled, you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Ages 12 and over ONLY
  • Limited to 15 participants maximum per session
  • Free Onsite Parking for participants
St Vincent's Asylum
St Vincent's Asylum